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  • arrows Move
  • left mouse button Sword (hold to power up attack)
  • right mouse button Shield

Step into the arena, brave fighter, and prepare to conquer. Face waves of enemies and take them down with mighty swings of your sword. Don't forget to use your shield as well! Smash crates to collect bonuses and powerups to help you destroy your opponents. As you fight on, your weapon, armor and shield will improve if you live long enough. Will you be the last one standing in this epic battle? Fight now and find out!


There are 10 awards in Gladiator. View All Awards

  • Bad Boy
  • Gladiator King
  • Dinosaur Hunter
  • Die Hard
  • Bling Collector
  • Bomb Squad
  • Infinity Gladiator
  • Top Secret
  • Score Maniac
  • Crate Smasher!

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